"As we look to run our homes and cars, businesses and factories on zero or low carbon energy, we need new solutions to capture and essentially warehouse green energy so it can be used when and where required either on the grid or in a vehicle. At one end of the scale, pumped hydro provides very large scale energy storage but is geographically constrained; while at the other, batteries can fit in vehicles but are currently expensive and take hours to recharge. Liquid air is an exciting alternative we should explore; it seems to address many of the challenges we face."

Head of Energy & Environment,
Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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India Report

A new report from the University of Birmingham, The prospects for liquid air cold chains in India, looks at the role of liquid air in tackling the problem of food loss in the developing world.

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Prof. Peters in Pune

Talking to a panel of experts, Prof. Peters said,  Air quality in urban areas across India is an important issue. Therefore it is crucial that a sustainable approach is taken to meet this demand for cooling to leapfrog the mistakes made elsewhere".

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